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Quality Assurance

It is necessary that each aspect of our production process is approved in accordance with strict international standards. Ensuring quality and respect for the environment, customer satisfaction as well as attention to the health and safety in the workplace are the main priorities of ALAKS Company. ALAKS main strategic choice has always been to continuously improvement and expanding its production capabilities. Therefore, today ALAKS is one of the largest manufacturers of Aluminum door and window accessories in Iran with a variety of more than 500 different types of products, which guarantees effective quality control throughout the production process. To ensure high quality, we test our products during the production process through several laboratories in home and other reputable laboratories. Also, products that are not produced by the company are inspected and tested by certain methods before entering the warehouse. We define a specific quality control instruction for each situation carefully. In addition, we regularly conduct group training on new products and retraining too. Our philosophy is to put our employees in a position of quality control and strengthen the responsibility of the individual to achieve the desired quality control.
We have designed and developed our processes based on existing facts and the latest revision of the requirements of relevant standards.
Goal setting is the providing an interaction among the intertwined factors of the system, the infrastructures, executive methods and related standards, path of organizational communication, indicators of monitoring and measuring processes and controlling records as a feature used in creating organizational processes. Feedback on various fields and analyzing the results are considered and assured by establishment a dynamic, systematic and effective system that is carried out continuously in ALAKS Company well.
• Inspection and testing methods through the most accurate control tools for the products and items affecting quality.
• A laboratory equipped with quality control and modern equipment to evaluate the characteristics and performance of the products.
• Periodic audits to ensure technical compliance and quality principles on the products and processes.
• Assessing the compliance based on the test results in the areas of product quality, safety, health and environmental issues.
• Carrying out internal audits based on the requirements of the standards and comprehensive reporting of results and feedback through holding management review sessions.
• To implement a comprehensive continuous improvement program.
• Considering to the basic activities in the field of quality assurance.

Ethical Chart & Quality Policy Pattern

Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015

ISIRI 19091_3 According to En 13126_3