ALAKS Companys Environmental Obligations

Undoubtedly, attention to the environment is one of the characteristics for a responsible developed organization. ALAKS is a company that develops and produces Aluminum accessories that are constantly growing and economic growth should be accompanied in a healthy and sustainable environment. Therefore, we have tried to make our products and services in a purpose and strategy of nature-friendly (green industry). We have planned all environmental processes beyond the requirements of ISO14001 and ISO50001 standards.
We take the following steps to protect the environment actively, not only theoretically view:
• Environmental aspects and consequences in the field of products and services have been identified and analyzed through the FMEA method, and by considering the calculated RPN, corrective or preventive measures have been determined.
• By measuring environmental parameters in the company's field of activity and evaluating compliance with legal requirements and standards, we have ensured full compliance with our obligations to the environment.
• By developing green space on the company's site, we have gained a small share in preserving and beautifying nature.
In ALAKS Company, all wastes from production activities are used in a principled manner and in full compliance with environmental regulations, recycling and re-use. This commitment is also implemented in not only on consuming non-renewable materials such as plastics but other harmful factors too.
Elimination of paper consumption and establishment of office automation, management of optimal energy consumption through the establishment of ISO5001 standard, protection of manpower, prevention of the release of toxic gases and environmental pollutants in the nature are among the effective measures in the field of environment.
We are always committed to the environment and its preservation, and we are proud of that.