About Us

ALAKS at a glance

 ALAKS IRAN Company was established in 2010, in one of the industrial areas of Tabriz (Foreign Investment Town) by its current shareholders (Hakimi family) which is active in the fields of design, production, marketing and export of all kinds of Aluminum door and window and UPVC accessories. After several years of experience in designing of high-quality products, ALAKS is one of the largest and most well-known reputable brands in Iran, which seeks to provide a better life to people every day with the variety and flexibility of its products.
To this end, ALAKS Company based on the knowledge, advanced production equipment and up-to-date and accurate quality control tools throughout the production line has made the design and manufacture of high value-added products in its quality guarantying program. The company's continuous cutting-edge research and development has led it to present its unique methods and solutions with numerous innovative features that fully meet the needs of the customers. With more than several years of experience and having 150 personnel in the design and production of Aluminum door and window accessories, the attitude and performance of our specialized team has led to our success in technical and specialized production lines in the factory as one of the knowledge-based companies in practice.
But in an ever-changing global environment, it is important us to be aware of our company's mission, vision, and values. We work hard to get one step closer to this strategy every day. Our mission is to improve the quality of people life by promoting their performance and special needs, providing the products with high quality, technology and beauty sense in the best solutions. Our vision is that the company will be at the forefront of developing and making the best products for construction and architectural applications. Our values are inherent of overall philosophy of our business and reflect on the way that get us closer to our customers. However; we believe in integrity, team spirit, initiative and loyalty in order to describe something to do better in the company.

Infrastructures & Production Lines of ALAKS Co.

• Melt and Diecasting line
• CNC cutting line
• Pressing and punching of the parts
• Machining line
• Polishing line
• Washing room
• Plastic injection room
• Powder coating line
• Fittings and accessories assembly line
• Packing line
• Warehouses site
• Sales and services department

Human Resources

The manpower of ALKAS Company is about 150 personnel in a working shift. Of these, 30% are working in the official staff and expert ranks and 70% are in the operational ranks.

Company Profiling Review

Undoubtedly, the criterion for evaluating an organization is related to its needs. Understanding the needs of society, stakeholders, customers makes the organization to be in the path of growth and development and to distinguish from other competitors.
So, characteristics of transcendent organizations and paying attention to the principles of quality management are important tools for accountability and sustainability in the field of competition and development. By the principles used in the organizational promotion as a benchmark for ALAKS Iran Company it has always provided a bright way to a comprehensive development. Some of these concepts and goals are as follows:
• Continuous values for the customers potentially through understanding, anticipating and removing the needs, expectations and opportunities are the first goals for achieving to a sustainable development.
• Creating a sustainable future by defining and sharing a fundamental goal based on inclusive perspectives, values, ethics, and organizational behavior that all ensure our future.
• Developing the organization's capabilities makes to analyze the operational performance methods for actual and potential abilities and identifies areas of development needs for strategic goals.
• Leadership with foresight, inspiration and correctness and also creating a culture of partnership, ownership, empowerment, improvement and support of organizational values and ethics in internal and external dimensions, all have been made our company's reputation.
• Success through employees’ talent, by respecting and creating a culture of empowerment to achieve both organizational and personal goals.
• Agile management through using the mechanisms to identify changes in the external environment and turn it into potential future scenarios for the organization.
• Achieving to sustainable results in the context of an operational environment that simultaneously meets short-term and long-term needs of all stakeholders.
According to the above concepts and objectives, the strategy of ALAKS KISH IRAN Company is to pay attention to new methods and approaches in the field of management, quality and realization of the products. Thus, we have obliged for the promotional path moving and developing and consequently we have provided our strategies.

Our Mission

By using the latest knowledge, experience and innovation, ALAKS IRAN KISH Company tries to produce the most comprehensive, distinctive and high-quality accessories that can be followed in beautiful, safe and comfortable senses for people's life.

Our Vision

Leadership in the Industry of Aluminum door and window hardware in the Middle East Area

Our Fundamental Values

To attain to ALLAH’s satisfaction
To attain to customers’ satisfaction
To attain to employees’ satisfaction
To attain to the satisfaction of business partners
To attain to the satisfaction of the society
To attain to the satisfaction of shareholders

Our Strategy

1. Human Capabilities
2. Improving the quality of the products
3. Continuous market developing
4. Improving the name and brand
5. Continuous development of innovative products
6. Development of professional ethics
7. knowledge-based being
8. Continuous learning
9. Improving organizational system
10.Development team working spirit
11.Speed in practice and developing the organizational agility
12. Improving the safety and security of the work environment
13. Promoting mental health in the organization
14. Developing cooperation with business partners
15. Development difference and distinction in practice
16. Social responsibility
17. Entering the world arenas
18. Continuous creativity and innovation
19. Improving productivity and costs management
20. Environment friendship (green industry)


We are always looking for new ways to improve our position and competitive advantage.
Creativity and innovation at ALAKS are not a matter of chance, but a strategic choice to gain unlimited value. We do not see the concept and scope of innovation as limited to our products, but beyond that we are seeking social and international innovation by following market signals, competitors' behavior, product reengineering and processes
R&D is a part of our gene. Our experienced and specialized engineers are always looking for good technical (scientific) solutions by designing new systems. In ALAKS's advanced laboratory, research is being done on systems that include beautiful design, high efficiency, and significant energy efficiency.
We are always at the forefront of technology development by using advanced equipment (such as 3D printers, CNC machines) and thanks to the company's advanced testing center.
In addition, we work with top domestic and foreign universities and research centers and we are in direct contact with R&D departments of well-known manufacturers of Aluminum Industry. Therefore, it is no coincidence that our products are licensed by the most reputable institutions around the world.
Our R&D department is able to provide customized solutions for the projects that require specific systems or types. The level of expertise of our engineers along with the flexibility of production processes, thanks to the high quality and efficiency of the company's production lines and machinery has led to exceptional results, especially in providing customized solutions to the customers. ALAKS highly advanced technology level, along with its ability on appropriate solutions, has made it one of the most successful knowledge-based companies in the field of competition and industry in the national level.
While fully understanding the importance and role of innovation in its products, services and processes, ALAKS Company has implemented the following measures as an innovation-oriented actions.
• Construction of R&D Dept. with accurate design and laboratory equipment:
• Design and construction of the laboratory equipment for functional and continuous testing, tolerance, corrosion testing (salt spray), destructive and etc.
• Design and production of exclusive and unique products for the first time in the international level.
• Continuous studying on reducing environmental impacts and occupational safety and health risks by modifying the process or replacing new equipment and systems.
• Experimental implementation of ideas and innovations in the field of products through 3D printers and CNC machines.
• Studying on different cultures and styles to apply in product design and service delivery.
• Continuous cooperation with reputable scientific centers (universities) to outsource the required research and use up-to-date knowledge on the products and services as well as participating in specialized seminars.
• In-person visits and attendance in international exhibitions, especially advanced countries in related styles in Aluminum industry as Germany, Italy, Turkey, etc. to be aware of the latest achievements, approaches and innovations. New and innovative ideas of R&D are one of our main goals and obligations. Therefore, we always try to understand the current and future needs of our customers, society and stakeholders and to stans on our commitments firmly.

National & International Certificates / Honors

Continuous development of quality assurance program is allocated to a process on production and our own products in accordance with strict national and international standards. This allows us to maintain our competitive advantage in the market, which in many cases is a prerequisite for cooperation with our partners and the main reason for the choices of our systems.
 By maintaining an aspect of our production process in accordance with strict national and international rules, we consider the highest quality not only in our products but also on our working conditions too. All values related to quality, environmental protection, health and safety in the workplace have been observed since the establishment of ALAKS Company and have been followed among the basic priorities of this company.
Comprehensive respect to the customers and end consumers of the products has led the company to certify the production of all kinds of Aluminum door and window hardware/accessories as a competitive advantage as well as our philosophy in continuously improving the quality of the products and services and lastly in many cases to prepare and consider to a cooperation as a prerequisite here.
For several years, we have guaranteed and approved our systems in terms of thermal insulation, air permeability, pressure resistance, water rigidity and burglars’ threats. Therefore, quality assurance and verification of the efficiency are very important indicators for Aluminum hardware and accessories and thus our products have been approved by famous international certification institutes.

List of Received Certificates

• Certification of European CE-Marking, as one of the key indicators of EU product compliance and possibility of free movement in the European market legally. It is a law to attach the CE-Marking, and as a result it ensures that the product is valid throughout European markets and has a license to sell in the European Union well.
• IMS Certification of Integrated Management System.
• Quality Management Standard, ISO9001: 2015.
• Customer Complaints Management Standard: ISO10002: 2004.
• Customer Satisfaction Management, ISO10004: 2018.
• Environmental Management Standard: ISO1400.
• Occupational Safety & Health Management System: OHSAS18001.
• Certificate of Energy Consumption Management: ISO 50001: 2018.
• Approval of the National Standard: 3-19091 (for the first time in Iran).